alice (nicecupoftea) wrote,


a) of all the things in the world that can be fugly, there is nothing fulgier than a fugly boot. thats my new fashion rule.

b) for the above reason, i am not going to mastershoe. the only boots they are stocking that are not fugly are doc martens leather kneeboots, ie quite nice but boring boots.

c) on clarks there is a quite nice boot, but it has a stupid name, and if youre going to buy an 80s- influenced ankle boot, it should probably not come from clarks. thats just lame and grownup.

d) i like a boot at topshop. this season however topshop is selling some shoes that i found so revolting im actually thinking of boycotting topshop. boycotting or firebombing. im pretty torn. these shoes are the kind of shoes that you look at and you want to say to someone 'i will definitely buy a pair of those when the council gives me my "look like an insane transvsestive crackhead" license back'.

seriously! its just boots! how can this be so difficult?
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